World Mental Health Day

Mental Health

Health doesn’t just mean physical health rather it’s defined as a state of complete physical, mental , social well being in which disease and infirmity are absent. Sound mental health improve your life in every possible aspect.

We were talking about mental health from past few months but are we really helping the needed ones or just shouting about it in vein?

10 th of October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day and theme for 2020 is MENTAL HEALTH IS FOR ALL GET INVOLVED.

We were trapped in a weird situation and it  has been really tough emotionally for most of the people as some lost their loved ones ,some were quarentined where they were refrained from seeing the world ,  some lost their livelihood , some were disturbed about education etc.

In this situation we need to work on hard to keep us mentally healthy as well as our loved ones than yesteryears.

Mental health issues interfere with your quality of life. WHO says that nearly half of the world’s population were affected by mental illness.

Some common mental disorders include – Depression , Generalized anxiety disorder , Panic disorder , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , Eating Disorder , Schizophrenia.

Symptoms that shows you are suffering from a mental illness

  • You can’t sleep properly most of the days ( night awakenings , drenching in sweat due to bad dreams , scared of sleeping etc)
  • Low energy levels often.
  • Not able to wake up in the morning inspite of 7-8 hrs sleep.
  • Avoiding certain situations so that you don’t remember past traumatic incident.
  • Anxiety and palpitations.
  • Always worrying that something is going to be wrong.
  • When you are so irritable that you start hating or feeling guilty for your behaviour with others.
  • Inability to control your anger
  • Weeping very often without any appropriate reason.
  • Feeling like running away from everything and give your life a new start.
  • When you feel alone though you have everyone.
  • In times you feel worthless though you achieved alot.
  • If you have stomach problems frequently.
  • If you have gained or loss weight without any intention.
  • Feeling urge to detach or isolate yourself from world.

What you should do to yourself?

Firstly it’s not your fault  and you are not only one suffering. Stop caring about what society says.

  • Talk with someone you trust , love to ease your pain. Only sharing will let you out of your trauma.
  • Try consulting a psychiatrist and open up completely. It’s not a crime to consult a doctor.
  • Use medicines regularly and talk to someone without thinking what they might think.
  • Spend time with yourself and do your favourite activity.

How to know about your loved ones mental health?

  • Once in awhile ask them “How are you doing?”
  • If they are already diagnosed with some mental disorder then tell them “I can understand what you are going through” / “You can ping me at any hour if you need” / “I am here for you” / “How are you feeling right now?”
  • If they always talk of ending life then just keep an eye on them and if they are your friends then inform to their family members or your institution

People around you might laugh , move around with you or may appear normal but they might be going through alot within. Observe them and help them out.

We are running various campaigns regarding mental health both online and offline but we are always failing to identify the one with us and around us. Just keen observation can help you find them.

You are not alone in this battle.

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