What is Pandemic, Epidemic and Outbreak

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Not all communicable disease terms are created equal, tho’ typically they’re erroneously used interchangeably. the excellence between the words “pandemic,” “epidemic,” and “endemic” is frequently blurred, even by health workers. this can be as a result of the definition of every term is fluid and changes as diseases become a lot of or less current over time.

What is an Epidemic

A disease that can be transferred from one to another person and can affect many humans at the same time in a locality where is not prevalent is what epidemic situation is.

According to WHO epidemic is defined as occurring at the level of a region or community. The demic part of the epidemic comes from the Greek word demos which means “people of a distinct”.

What is  Pandemic

Compared to epidemic pandemic diseases spread over large areas like a country, continent, or the world. Pandemic is also used as a noun, meaning “a pandemic disease”.

Adjective of pandemic also means “general” and “universal,”. Recently WHO has made COVID-19 a pandemic situation. It is derived from the Latin Greek word pándēmos means “public”, “common”.

What is an Endemic

Endemic means natural to, native to, confined to, or widespread within a place or population of people. It is the most commonly used described disease that is restricted within the population, region, or location.

It is derived from the Greek word éndēm(os) where en means within or in and demos means people.

What is Outbreak

Outbreak is suddenly breaking out of an occurrence. It is referred to as the sudden rise of cases especially when it is only or so far affecting a relatively localized area. It is roughly synonymous with the epidemic.

Outbreak can be a single case in the new area or can be referred to as increase of endemic cases. If not controlled then it can be converted into an epidemic situation.

Epidemic vs. Pandemic

The simplest of difference that can be remembered that “P” in pandemic means pandemic has a passport(disease can be spread across the country) and epidemic doesn’t have one.

Epidemic vs. Endemic

Epidemic is a situation that is not in control, which is also spreading very fast, and new cases of the disease substantially exceed what is expected. It is native to, confined to, or widespread within a place or population of people.

For example, when COVID-19 was within Wuhan and other parts of china it was an epidemic situation.

Whereas endemic is within a population or confined to a native-like malaria which confined to a particular population and speed of spreading is also slow as compared to the epidemic.

Endemic vs. Outbreak

An outbreak is similar to that of endemic as an endemic can lead to an outbreak like COVID-19 or dengue in Hawaii.

Dengue fever is endemic to sure regions of the continent, Central and South America, and therefore the Caribbean. Mosquitoes in these areas carry dengue fever and transmit it from person to person.

However, in 2019 there was dengue fever of dandy fever in Hawaii, wherever the malady isn’t endemic.

It’s believed Associate in Nursing infected person visited the massive Island and was bitten by mosquitoes there. The insects then transferred the malady to different people they bit, that created an outbreak.


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