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What are Periods ? Do you know the answer? If you know it is good, if you do not know, then in simple language we can say that Periods are the physical activity in women’s body that comes once in a month. It is also called menstruation. This sequence lasts for about 28-35 days and normally this sequence continues until the women become pregnant. This means that every 28-35 women face Menstruation or Periods, which is about 2-7 days.

The reason for Menstruation or Periods Onset

In general, Menstruation begins when a woman enters her teens. During this time, due to hormonal changes in her body, ovaries start producing hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone. These hormones are necessary for the uterus of women.

Due to these hormones, once every month, the lining of the uterus starts becoming thick in the body of women. Normally, if the girl does not have sex around Menstruation, then this thick layer which was getting ready for pregnancy breaks, and the breakdown of this layer leads to blood leakage. This blood leakage is called Menstruation or Periods.

How to use Sanitary Pads during Menstruation or Periods

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Changes in women during Menstruation or Periods

During Menstruation or Periods, women have to face a lot of problems like:
1. Loss of appetite: During menstruation or Periods, women often feel less hungry and do not like to eat anything.
2. Fatigue: Women often get tired quickly during Menstruation.
3. Anger: During Menstruation, women get angry quickly. During this time, we should not do any work that makes them angry.

What women should eat during Menstruation or Periods

  1. Apples, pomegranates etc. should be eaten, they increase the amount of blood in the body
  2. Eating dark chocolate reduces mood swings and irritability, so you can eat them too.
  3. Vitamin and iron must be included in the food. Potatoes contain vitamin B which prevents blood clots from forming.
  4. Fatty acids should be consumed. For this, we can eat gourd and fish.

What women should not eat during Menstruation or Periods

  1. Use less Spices in food
  2. Consumption of yogurt, buttermilk and milk should be reduced as their intake can increase the pain during Menstruation or Periods.



How long is the period or Menstrual period?

Normal Menstruation usually lasts for 5 days, but in many cases it can last up to 2 days or even up to a maximum of 7 days.

How many days does a period come or how many days after Menstruation?

Women have to face menstruation or periods every 28–35, which is about 2–7 days.

What period comes after pregnancy or why does it come during pregnancy?

When women are pregnant, the amount of estrogen hormone in their body decreases due to which bleeding continues. Women feel that their Periods are still going on while they are in the first phase of pregnancy.

Note: Menstruation or Periods is not a disease, please do not see it from the point of view of disease.

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