Triple X syndrome and Its Causes

X syndrome
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Triple X, additionally referred to as chromosomal anomaly X and forty-seven, XXX, could be a genetic condition that happens once a lady receives 3 X chromosomes from her folks. Typically, women solely receive 2 X chromosomes.

The additional X chromosome will don’t have any impact on a girl’s health, or it will cause physical and mental abnormalities that will vary from terribly gentle to a lot of pronounced.

Triple X affects one in one,000 females. in keeping with the National Institutes of Health, five to ten women area unit born with the disorder within the us a day.


Some women and ladies with triple X syndrome show no symptoms in the slightest degree, inflicting the disorder to travel unknown. In fact, it’s calculable that solely ten p.c of females affected area unit ever diagnosed.

If symptoms do occur, they ordinarily embody physical abnormalities like:

  • Vertical folds of skin that cover the inner corners of the eyes
  • Widely spaced eyes
  • Abnormally curved pinky fingers
  • Flat feet
  • Abnormally shaped breastbone
  • Weak muscle tone (hypotonia)
  • Seizures
  • Kidney abnormalities
  • Premature ovarian failure or ovary abnormalities
  • Developmental delays

Without sturdy and developed muscles, babies with triple X could also be slow to steer. As they get older, they’ll be clumsier than women while not the syndrome. though it’s rare, some females with triple X could have urinary organ issues, seizures, and heart issues.

Speech and language delays area unit alternative symptoms of triple X. several with triple X have learning disabilities, involving reading and problem with speech and language. A review of studies found some proof that women with triple X could have Associate in Nursing I.Q. concerning twenty points under women while not the disorder.


Although triple X syndrome is genetic, it’s always not inheritable — it’s because of a random genetic error.

Normally, folks have forty-six chromosomes in every cell, organized into twenty-three pairs, together with 2 sex chromosomes. One set of chromosomes is from the mother and also the different set is from the daddy. These chromosomes contain genes, that carry directions that verify everything from height to eye color.

The combination of sex chromosomes — either XX or XY — determines a child’s sex. A mother will provide the kid solely Associate in Nursing X chromosome, however, a father will depart this world Associate in Nursing X or a Y chromosome:

  • If the kid receives an Associate in Nursing X chromosome from the daddy, the XX combine makes the kid genetically a feminine.
  • If the kid receives a Y chromosome from the daddy, the XY combination suggests that the kid is genetically a male.

Females with triple X syndrome have a 3rd X chromosome from a random error in cellular division. This error will happen before conception or early within the embryo’s development, leading to one among these types of triple X syndrome:

Reduction division

In most cases, either the mother’s gamete or the father’s spermatozoon divides incorrectly, leading to an additional X chromosome within the kid. This random error is named reduction division, and every one of the cells within the juvenile body can have the additional X chromosome.


Sometimes, the additional body results from Associate in Nursing incorrect cellular division caused by a random event early within the embryo’s development. If this is often the case, the kid contains a mosaic style of triple X syndrome, and just some cells have the additional X chromosome. Females with the mosaic type could have less obvious symptoms.

Does triple X affect fertility?

Menopause happens once a lady now not produces enough hormones to unharness AN egg every month, creating her unable to become pregnant. for many girls, biological time happens around age fifty.

Some analysis indicates that ladies with triple X will stop manufacturing eggs at a younger than average age. If that happens, they will undergo biological time early, so be unable to urge pregnant.

In fact, triple X is usually 1st diagnosed once a lady sees her doctor concerning fertility issues. as a result of the condition therefore typically goes unknown, there aren’t tons of analysis on the topic.


Most women and ladies with triple X syndrome don’t exhibit any outward signs. They live healthy lives, that is why numerous cases go unobserved. A designation is often created through genetic testing. This testing is often performed when birth by taking a blood sample. It also can be done before birth by a lot of subtle tests like amnio and villus sampling, that analyze the tissues and cells of a vertebrate.


There is no cure for triple X syndrome. a lady born with the disorder can continually have a 3rd sex chromosome. Treatment involves providing support for women and ladies to manage their symptoms.

  • Organic process delays respond well to speech and physiatrics.
  • Learning disabilities may be addressed with education plans.
  • Behavioral problems may be managed with the subject matter, and psychological and family support.

There are support teams for those with triple X.

Experts agree that ladies United Nations agency receive early intervention will perform even as well as ladies while not the condition. Those diagnosed with triple X syndrome ought to even be monitored by their health care supplier. Some females with the disorder will have heart and urinary organ issues.

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