Dr. Swati Watwani

Medical Director and Chief Consultant at Persianlily - Skin / Hair / Cosmetology / Ayurveda clinic


Dr. Swati Watwani – Aesthetic Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Trichologist and Ayurveda Consultant [ GOLD MEDALIST ] Medical Director – Persianlily – Skin /Hair /Cosmetology/Ayurveda clinic Founder - Persianlily – Avant Ayurved – Skin and Hair care range of Pure, Handcrafted, Self curated and Ayurvedic Products With Supportive Skintox Therapy About Dr. Swati Watwani By qualifications,Dr. Swati is a Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from Ashtang Ayurvedic Govt College. Swati also possesses a Post-Graduation Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services.Dr. Swati has further advanced her career in cosmetology by multiple advanced courses and certifications, such as DIHM, Diploma in Health Management and DDM Diploma in Disaster Management from Ruby Hall Clinic, Certificate Course in Skin and venereal diseases from Bombay Institute of Medical Technology, Post-Graduation Diploma in Panchakarma Therapy, Advanced cardiac Life Care Support and PGDCC Post- Graduation Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology from Indian Institute of Aesthetics, to name a few. By profession, Dr. Swati is a well-known Aesthetician and Cosmetologist who is dedicated to improve the awareness about the skin health, hygiene and beauty, and to strengthen the skin healthcare systemin the rural and sub-urban areas of India . Dr. Swati’s mission is to effectively bring out the best of Ayurveda based innovative and affordable skin solutions for the rural patient population of Maharashtra. Effective utilization of the fine integration of her excellent academic background in Ayurveda and the advanced qualifications in the Modern Cosmetology is making Dr. Swati one of the most sought after dermatologists in Maharashtra hopefully soon in entire Nation . By passion, Dr. Swati is a young and dynamic visionary who is now progressing towards her entrepreneurial journey to take her expertise and knowledge to each and every corner of the rural as well as urban India through Persianlilly, a brand which is becoming increasingly popular as an authenticated cosmetology and natural skin care solution with minimal or no side effects and long lasting impact with the newly introduced Skintox therapy for people with chronic debilitating skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Senile Xerosis, Lichen Planus, Vitiligo, chronic Urticaria . With Ayurvedic approach to chronic and debilitating skin and hair problems along with supportive skintox therapy, Persian lily works in a scientific way to treat the skin and body to heal at the deepest cellular levels, and restore confidence in rural youth and geriatrics regarding their skin problems. [For more details about Persianlilly please visit www.persianlilly.com]


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