Dhairy Boghani



Dr. Dhairy Boghani, MBBS from Gujarat, India. My purpose of joining MBBS was to contribute for good health services to all. For which I don’t think we need many valiant people around us. Some small steps taken in the right way can transform some of the few things around. If done by numerous among us, together, a gradual cumulative change may become too great to create a whole new picture . “Experience doesn’t come with years, it comes with moments we spend, thoughts and the maturity we posses.” Since I had joined MBBS and learnt a few things, from my 2nd year, I started visiting medical camps and Health awareness campaigns. Some of which includes – 1. Health awarness by cycling for relishment to prevent life style related diseases . 2. Anti-tobacco campaigns to prevent some of incurable and vicious cancers of mouth and lungs. 3. Teaching school children the healthier ways of life. If children are trained in a better way, not only they can sustain a better life in future but can also transform the present prevailing conditions of the adults in their family . I have worked for long term in psychiatry department to prevent suicide rates and improve lifestyle of chronic ill patients by cross-over thoughts between family members and patients. I also firmly believe on the concept of treating ‘patient’ -a live human being rather than ‘diseases’ or ‘lab reports’. I hope my words can give you some good information which might lead you to more better and healthier life in near future. I am not sure about my intelligence, but I do have a kind heart, always ready to help, Thoughtful mind, always thinking about patients & diseases and Two hands who never become tired of working!!!


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