Nutrition and your teeth


What does pop in your mind whenever the word nutrition strikes you? Do you like to keep abreast with the latest food fads? Vitamins, proteins, nuts and fruits, etc. Hadn’t we have our mouth we would never be able to enjoy the benefits of these nutrients in our body. Yet, when it comes to the nutrition of mouth we try to evade every opportunity that can maintain its sanctity. Like every other part of our body, oral cavity too needs good nutrition to thrive. Now just like good food and bad food, certain foods are nefarious to your teeth. Carbohydrates, particularly sugar serves as a perfect appetite for bacteria to feed on and harbor. So does that mean that you need to go cold turkey and shun away all of your sugar delights? Fortunately, the answer lies in No!

While sugar can be harmful to the teeth but with moderate consumption and adoption of certain habits, you can still get the best of both the worlds. How? You will get to know by reading further-

Avoid Enemies of teeth like- cholesterol, sticky food, sugar, junk food. These foods do not get flushed out from the mouth easily , causing microorganisms to produce acid, which in turn leads to cavities.
You can always replace a bad diet with better alternatives. Like replacing starchy food with a high -plant-based diet. Adding sugar substitutes that do not cause cavities, xylitol is the best example of such sugar. Regular flossing and brushing twice in a day also helps to clean all the bacteria in your mouth. Apart from that, it is always healthy to visit your dentist regularly. Now, whenever you go to the grocery next, ask yourself whether it serves as an ally or foe to your smile.

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