Menopause Signs And Symptoms

Menopause Signs and Symptoms

When a woman hasn’t menstruated in 12 consecutive months and can no longer become pregnant naturally it is termed as Menopause. It usually happens between the ages of 45 and 55, but can develop before or after this age range. Menopause can cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as hot flashes and weight gain. In this post I have discussed about Menopause Signs And Symptoms.

” Menopause is the worst nightmare for many women but there are few who won over it “

I’m really concerned about this because women trouble themselves just without proper awareness. A little awareness can create a huge change.

It’s usually a very long process or cascade of events rather than an immediate or sudden process. The way we take care of us matters a lot during this entire period.

In this you are going to learn every aspect of your menopause.

What is Menopause?

It is the stoppage / permanent cessation of menstrual cycle.

When does it occur?

It occurs usually around 45-55 years.

What are different phases ,symptoms and  how we should take care of ourselves?

It isn’t the simple process but it’s a cascade of events that occur in your sacred body.

Those events are divided into three phases

1. Perimenopause – It means the actual menopause. This phase may be from few months to ten long years.


        • Hot flashes – Burning sensation in palms and soles
        • Vaginal dryness felt during sex.
        • Body fatigue – Severe body pains , lack of energy.
        • Mood swings – Depression , anxiety , anger , sorrow etc
        • Frequent headaches
        • Breast changes and tenderness or pain on touch.
        • Irregular periods which are painful with clots , heavy bleeding.
        • Sleep quality deprivation.
        • Increased frequency of urination.
        • Weight gain – seen in most of the ladies.
        • Night sweats

NOTE – Women can get pregnant even  in this phase though the chances are less.

2. Menopause – Phase following perimenopause where you completely stop menstruating. You will be said you are in menopause phase when you don’t get your periods for 12 months.

Symptoms – Above symptoms are further exaggerated and you don’t get periods.

3. Post-menopause –  Phase following menopause.This is the phase where women are prone to various medical conditions especially bone problems , heart problems.

  • Osteoporosis – Destruction of bone. Bone pains is the main symptom.
  • Joint pains/ stiffness.
  • Body fatigue

What care you should take?

  • Regular exercise – Never skip it. Helps to fight aches , keeps check on your weight and hormones.
  • Good food – Calcium rich foods ( dairy products) , protein f( sea food , soya , chicken) fruits , vegetables , dry fruits, whole grains , seeds (pumpkin seeds , gingerly , flaxseed )
  • Regular visits to your Gynecologist.

What you shouldn’t do?

  • Don’t eat table sugar.
  • Decrease intake of salt , spicy foods.
  • Decrease intake of fats
  • A strict NO to junk.

How do doctors diagnose menopause?

With a simple blood test which reads your hormone levels.


Make your life a bed of roses by following these simple steps.


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