During periods or menstruation, there is change in the hormonal level in the body of women, due to which the blood starts to discharge from the uterus, which is called periods.

During this time, women do not have complete control over their bodies, due to which the discharge from the uterus can happen anytime, whether it they are on the road, sitting, standing or not doing anything.

The discharge of the blood causes stains on the clothes of women and it also poses a risk of disease, because there is also the risk of worms and allergy on the skin, so sanitary pads are used by women to prevent the spread of the disease and stay fresh.

This post is for all those Women who are wearing sanitary pads for the first time or who are interested to know what is the best way to wear sanitary pads.

How to use Sanitary Pads?

Before using any Sanitary Pads, see the following things about Sanitary Pads:

Take care of these things before buying a sanitary pad

Soaking capacity: The higher the soaking capacity of the sanitary pad, the better the sanitary pad. When choosing a sanitary pad, get information about the absorbency of the sanitary pad.

Thickness of sanitary pads: Before using sanitary pads, the thickness of sanitary pads should be checked. Sanitary pads come in different sizes in the market. So choose the same sanitary pad that is good for your size.

How to put sanitary pads

Keep these points in mind when using sanitary pads:

  1. Fold the wings of the sanitary pad inward
  2. The center of the sanitary pad will have a paper-like thing behind it. There is glue behind this paper, fold the wings inward and touch it to the center so that a little glue is applied to the wings also. Now straighten the wings.
  3. After this, place the sanitary pad in the middle strip of your undergarment so that it comes directly under your vagina. Remember that the glue part is below. Now rotate the wings of the sanitary pad to the back of the undergarment.
  4. Now wear undergarment. The sanitary pad will soak up blood whenever there is bleeding.

Keep these things in mind when using sanitary pads:

  1. Use sanitary pads only when it is necessary, remember that your vagina also needs fresh air, so use pads only when necessary.
  2. Do not use the same sanitary pad for long. Try to change it in about 6-8 hours interval.
  3. If you have a skin allergy, avoid using the sanitary pad with scent, otherwise it can increase the allergy further.
  4. Avoid using cloth instead of sanitary pad. Use of clothes can cause diseases.
  5. While going out, always carry one or two sanitary pads in your purse, they can be used in emergency.


Can wearing a sanitary pad for too long make you sick?

Yes of course if the pads are not replaced after several hours the infection can start.

Can you wear a sanitary pad for 8 hours?

Try changing your sanitary pad four times a day as it can help reduce the chances of skin irritation and infection. Do not use sanitary pads for more than 6-7 hours.

Do sanitary pads expire?

Yes, like everything, pads also have expiry dates.

How soon can you finish your menstrual period or period?

It is a natural process. Do not try to replace it with any medicine. Just eat fresh vegetables and fruits and be happy it is not a disease, it is just a biological process.

Should I change my sanitary pad if there is no blood?

Yes of course because blood can cause skin irritation and infection during menstruation.

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