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Condoms are best gifts for humans to enjoy their sexual pleasure with less chances of Sexually Transmitted Infections. From the past we are only familiar with the Male Condoms but do you know that in the market the Female Condoms have arrived. If you are also wondering about what are Female condoms then this post is for you. Here in this post I have discuss each and every detail about Female Condoms.

What are female condoms ?

So What are Female Condoms ? In simple words A condom for females is a product which is used throughout sexual activity to decrease the danger of sexually transmitted infections.

These merchandise are also called femidoms or Female condoms. They help to decrease the danger of sexually transmitted infections but in addition the danger of unintended pregnancies.


How to Use Female Condoms or How to use of Female Condoms or How to wear a Female Condoms?

Do you have this question in your mind that “How to use Female Condoms ? ” . Whenever you use a female condom it’s worn internally. Because of this female condoms can be utilized by the receptive companion throughout anal intercourse as nicely.

This tin, tender sheath has a versatile ring on every of its ends. Most frequently Female condoms come in numerous sizes.

If you’re undecided what measurement of condom to put on most girls can use a average female condom. In case you have recently given delivery then you might need to have a big female condom. The interior ring of the female condoms is on the closed finish of the sheath and is used for the insertion of the condom contained in the vagina. It additionally helps to carry it in place throughout intercourse.

There’s a rolled outer ring on the finish of the open finish which covers a part of the exterior genitals. This ensures that you’ll not have to fret about whether or not the female condom goes inside your vagina too far.

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Use of Female condoms

Having the ability to have management over your physique and what’s occurring to it is likely one of the most necessary causes that you need to use this product. Every time you rely on the person to make use of a condom, he may have one that’s expired, torn and even sabotaged. These are all very severe issues.

It’s true that condoms for ladies are costlier and never essentially pleasing to the attention however if you wish to have extra management and hold your self secure towards sexually transmitted illnesses and unintended pregnancies then a female condom may very well be the way in which that you just need to go.

They’re getting simpler to seek out nowadays as nicely so that won’t be an issue for much longer. Utilizing a lady condom may imply the completely different between having a sexually transmitted or child so at all times hold that in thoughts.

Pros and cons of female condoms

Male Condoms

Male condoms are produced from skinny, elastic latex rubber. It’s worn over a person’s penis throughout intercourse. It’s open at one finish and closed on the different to dam a person’s semen from getting into the reproductive organ of his companion. The closed finish is named a “teat” the place a person’s semen is collected after ejaculation.

Female Condoms

The female condom is product of skinny polyurethane plastic. Just like the male condom, the female condom is closed at one finish and open on the different. To make use of female condoms, it should be put contained in the vagina, behind the pelvic bone.

The open finish of the female condom is positioned simply outdoors the vagina. Versatile rings at each ends hold the female condom in place.

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Male condoms have already confirmed to be efficient. They’re obtainable in drug shops, native household clinics, and even comfort shops. Additionally they come in low-cost, costing about two dollars every condom.

Female condoms, however, are so much much less generally used. It is because using Female condoms has not but proved to be efficient as male condoms. Additionally, there are at present only a few Female condom manufacturers however many Female condoms will soon launch in the market.

Can a Female Condom Break?

Fortunately Female condoms are reasonably sturdy and can allow you to get pleasure from intercourse whereas having nice safety so that you don’t have to fret about breaking like male condoms. It’s best to know that a part of the condom can be masking a number of the exterior genital space.

Some Females don’t like the concept of getting the condom displaying. Feedback about with the ability to conceal their contraception or safety have been frequent.

Utilizing Female condoms are an excellent different to male condoms however you must be sure that it’s the proper choice for you. Not everybody goes to be comfy with this selection and that’s completely positive.

What’s necessary is that you just hold your self protected and you don’t put your self in peril by not utilizing safety. Whether or not you utilize a Female or male condoms simply be sure that they don’t seem to be torn or ripped in anyway or they won’t be efficient.

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Where to buy female condoms?

Each time you’re on the search to make a purchase for Female Condoms the best way is to look online. There are many online grownup shops that provide these merchandise at an affordable worth. Female condoms are going to be costlier than male condoms presently however the worth could also be happening within the close to future.

In case you have an grownup retailer in your space you might be able to discover a retailer that can be stocking this merchandise. Mainstream shops are nonetheless engaged on catching as much as this improvement. Many shops usually are not buying them because of the novelty of this product.

Anti-Rape Female Condoms

The Anti-Rape Female Condoms are latex female condom have been specially designed to stop the rapes. It’s invented by a South African lady Sonnette Ehlers, in Cape-City. Incidentally, South Africa is probably the most effected from HIV, ratio is one in 9, meaning 45 million individuals are affected by these illnesses.

Recognized additionally as Vaginal Bear Entice, this female Condom was launched in August 31, 2005. It is used within the vagina like a tampoon. It’s product of microscopic invisible barbs outwardly, which assaults the rapist, and clutches his penis. It offers horrible ache and disables the attacker. This offers sufferer the prospect of escaping from the location and saving herself from the assault. It’s unattainable for the attacker to get it out with out the medical surgical procedure, and this manner the police and authorities are alerted, and he’s been caught.

This anti-rape condom, is aimed to stop the rapes and on the identical time, it punishes and terrorize the attackers. It additionally saves girls from getting pregnant and sexually transmitted by STDs and HIVs, by the attacker. It really works like a female condoms. It’s actually a miracle machine for the ladies, who’re working and susceptible to those assaults because of the nature of their life-style. It may be merely fitted within the vagina, and she will be able to go round together with her every day routine.

This machine has not been examined but on a male, however the plastic physique of a male and it labored positive.

Nonetheless within the stage of criticism, this Female condom is dealing with some doubts. Individuals say that it will possibly a number of the danger for ladies. This machine can additional irritate the attacker and in fury and frustration, he can kill the ladies. Anti-rape activist say that it’s barbaric and medieval. They are saying that it may be used for the aim of revenged and to easily harm somebody who will not be an attacker. Based on these activists, this machine will not be efficient in gang rapes, as it’s going to solely hurt one attacker at a time.

It might be a problem of a debate for the teams, however it’s certainly a boon for the ladies who’re residing below the specter of sexual assaults on a regular basis due to their nature of job. If some machine is offering her the piece of thoughts and physique. Why would she be hesitant to make use of that? It’s certainly a welcome machine for them.



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