How to Prevent Acne in Men

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Acne as common in me when they are teenagers. Sometimes the acne last longer than that and even grown men can have it. Acne are somewhat irritating and men generally look for treatments for acne. In this post we will discuss on all the important points about acne, causes of acne, types of acne, treatments etc.

Causes of Acne In Men

In most of the men the cause of acne is changes in the hormone level.

The most common hormone in men which triggers acne is Testosterone. These hormones generally over stimulate the oil glands in the body which makes the body more oily due to which the body pores gets clogged. When these body pores gets clogged some bacteria found space to grow. This can cause the acne problem. This is the most common cause of acne in men. Apart from these men can get acne due to other problems also.

Moreover it is also found that men whose fathers had severe acne problems are most like to have that problem too.  Some medications like tablets or lotions can also bring on acne.

The Male Breakout

Most men get acne on their face and back. In summers when their is sweating it can make the condition more worse. Moreover acne on the back are hard to treat and they pains a lot then the acne on the face.

Also sometimes while saving due to some root hair removal some bumps on the face appears but they are not acne and are generally disappears after some time.

How To Remove Acne

Since the acne generally happens due to the clogged body pores hence the best treatment for the acne is keep your skin clean. There are many cleansers in the market which can help you remove extra oil from your skin.

Also avoiding oily and junk foods can also help in having an acne free skin. Remember to bath twice a day if you have got a lot of acne because bathing helps in opening the clogged pores of the body.

Acne on Back

Acne on the back are hard to treat and taken care of as they are present in such a portion of the body where person cannot see and can only feel the pain.

The best way to treat the acne on the back is by using a cleansing brush having an extension to reach the areas where your hand cannot reach at your back. Moreover in the market you can find different products for this purpose which comes with changeable brushes.

You can also add some antibiotic like Dettol,Savlon in your bathing water as they can help in removing disinfectants from the skin.

Avoid tight clothes and try to wear cotton clothes if you are having back acne.

Acne on Face

If you are having acne on your face then you should always keep a clean soft washcloth in your pocket with which you can clean your face from time to time.

Also when you are in a saloon or you are shaving yourself always try to use a clean razor. Moreover if you are having shaving bumps regularly after every shave then you should go for an electric razor with avoiding close shave.

You can also ask your doctors prescription for an antibiotic foam that can be mixed with your shaving foam to prevent acne breakouts.

Persistent or Long Term Acne

If you are taking all the precautions and treatments for your acne and they are still there after 1-2 months then it is the time to visit your Dermatologist.

Your Dermatologist might give you good prescriptions for antibiotics and drugs that can help in treating the stubborn and long lasting acne.

Another options is high-tech one which involves using laser treatment or any other light therapy with a combination of vacuum therapy. These options can be expensive and you must check them first as they make a big hole in your pocket.


If you still have any questions you can comment in the comment section and our team must try to give answer for your queries.

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