Doctor Accessories Names


Doctor Equipment Name List

  • Bedpan
  • Cannula
  • Catheter
  • Gauze sponge
  • Surgical scissors
  • Oxygen masks
  • Stethoscope
  • Tongue depressor

Medical Instruments and Their uses with Pictures


A bedpan or bedpan is a receptacle used for the toileting of a bedridden affected person in a well-being care facility and is often made from steel, glass, ceramic, or plastic. A bedpan can be utilized for each urinary and fecal discharge.

Many ailments can confine an affected person to a mattress, necessitating using bedpans, together with Alzheimer’s illness, Parkinson’s illness, stroke, and dementia. Moreover, many sufferers could also be confined to a mattress quickly because of a short-lived sickness, damage, or surgical procedure.

Bedpans are often constructed of stainless steel, which is straightforward to scrub and sturdy however could also be chilly, exhausting, and uncomfortable to make use of. Additionally, the supporting space of some merchandise may be very small, and extended use may cause stress ulcers.

To resolve these issues, ergonomic bedpans have been developed, which assist the affected person with a bigger space of less-conductive plastic. Some designs fully cowl the genitalia throughout use, providing safety and an additional measure of privateness.

However, the fabric is harder to sterilize and should change into a reservoir for microorganisms.

Fracture bedpans are smaller than customary dimension bedpans and have one flat finish. These bedpans are designed particularly for sufferers who’ve had a hip fracture or are recovering from hip alternative.

Any such bedpan could also be used for these sufferers who can’t increase their hips excessive sufficient or roll over onto an everyday dimension bedpan.

Lately, single-use bedpan liners made from recycled wooden pulp (molded pulp) have change into extra broadly utilized in UK hospitals; they lower the chance of cross-contamination. One other difference is the plastic bedpan liner.

Some liners are made from biodegradable plastic and include absorbent powder to get rid of splashing and spills. Liners are utilized in hospitals to lower an infection and are additionally used for house well-being care.


A cannula ( from Latin “little reed”; plural cannulae or cannulas) is a tube that may be inserted into the physique, usually for the supply or removing of fluid or for the gathering of samples.

In easy phrases, a cannula can encompass the interior or outer surfaces of a trocar needle thus extending the efficient needle size by at the very least half the size of the unique needle. It is usually known as an intravenous (IV) cannula.

Its dimension primarily ranges from 14 to 24 gauge. Totally different-sized cannula have completely different colors as coded.

Decannulation is the everlasting removing of a cannula (extubation), particularly of a tracheostomy cannula, as soon as a doctor determines it’s now not wanted for respiratory.


In medication, a catheter is a skinny tube produced from medical grade supplies serving a broad vary of capabilities. Catheters are medical gadgets that may be inserted within the physique to deal with ailments or carry out a surgical process.

By modifying the fabric or adjusting the best way catheters are manufactured, it’s attainable to tailor catheters for cardiovascular, urological, gastrointestinal, neurovascular, and ophthalmic purposes.

Catheters might be inserted right into a physique cavity, duct, or vessel. Functionally, they permit drainage, administration of fluids or gases, entry by surgical devices, and likewise carry out all kinds of different duties relying on the kind of catheter.

The method of inserting a catheter is “catheterization”. In most makes use of, a catheter is a skinny, versatile tube (“delicate” catheter) although catheters can be found in various ranges of stiffness relying on the applying.

A catheter left contained in the physique, both quickly or completely, could also be known as an “indwelling catheter” (for instance, a peripherally inserted central catheter). A completely inserted catheter could also be known as a “permcath” (initially a trademark).

Gas cylinder

A gas cylinder is a stress vessel for storage and containment of gases at above atmospheric stress. Excessive-pressure gas cylinders are additionally known as bottles. Contained in the cylinder the saved contents could also be in a state of compressed gas, vapor over liquid, supercritical fluid, or dissolved in substrate materials, relying on the bodily traits of the contents.

A typical gas cylinder design is elongated, standing upright on a flattened backside finish, with the valve and becoming on the prime for connecting to the receiving equipment.

The time period cylinder in this context is to not be confused with a tank, the latter being an open-top or vented container that shops liquids below gravity.

Sorts of cylinders

Since glass-fiber-composite supplies have been used to strengthen cylinders, there are numerous sorts of development of high-pressure vessels:

  1. Metallic solely. Principally seamless cast steel. However, to decrease working stress, e.g., liquefied butane, there are welded metal vessels, too.
  2. Metallic vessel, hoop wrapped with a fiber composite solely across the cylindrical a part of the “cylinder”. (Geometrically there’s a want for twice the tensile power on the cylindrical area compared to the spherical caps of the cylinder.)
  3. Skinny steel liner (that retains the vessel tight, however, doesn’t contribute to the working stress) totally wrapped with a fiber within the matrix materials.
  4. Metallic-free liner from plastics, totally wrapped with fiber materials. The boss, the middle of the top(s) of the cylinder remains to be from steel and contains the thread for the valve.

Strain vessels for fuel storage can also be categorized by quantity. In South Africa, a fuel storage cylinder implies a refillable transportable container with a water capability quantity of as much as 150 liters. Refillable transportable cylindrical containers from 15 to 3000 liters water capability are known as tubes.

Gauze sponge

Gauze sponges are disposable medical provides generally utilized in medication and surgical procedures. They’re ordinarily made from gauze and are used to soak up blood and different fluids in addition to clear wounds. When utilized in surgical procedures, they’re known as surgical sponges.

Frequent sizes embrace 2 by 2 inches (5.1 cm × 5.1 cm), 3 by 3 inches (7.6 cm × 7.6 cm), and 4 by 4 inches (10 cm × 10 cm).

The supplies used within the manufacturing of gauze sponges for medical functions embrace cotton and non-woven supplies. Along with its many sizes, and materials, gauze sponges may also be sterile and non-sterile.

The open weave design of gauze sponges assists with the removal of lifeless tissue from the pores and skin floor in addition to vertically wick fluid from the wound onto any secondary dressing to help with stopping maceration of pores and skin tissue.

Surgical sponges left in physique cavities after surgical procedure could trigger problems and are a standard type of surgical error. Because of this, counting them as they’re used and eliminated is a standard guidelines merchandise. Some sponges embrace a radiopaque strip in order that they are often situated by X-ray.

Surgical scissors

Surgical scissors are surgical devices often used for chopping. They embrace bandage scissors, dissecting scissors, iris scissors, working scissors, sewing scissors, tenotomy scissors, Metzenbaum scissors, cosmetic surgery scissors, and Mayo scissors.

Surgical scissors are often made from very exhausting materials stainless-steel for ongoing toughness. Some scissors have tungsten carbide reinforcements alongside their chopping edges.

The hardness of these materials permits the producers to create sharper edges, which permits simpler and smoother cuts and retains the scissors sharp for longer.

Oxygen Masks

Oxygen masks give away to switch respiratory oxygen fuel from a storage tank to the lungs. Oxygen masks could cowl solely the nostril and mouth (oral-nasal masks) or all the face (full-face masks). They might be made from plastic, silicone, or rubber. In sure circumstances, oxygen could also be delivered through a nasal cannula as a substitute of a masks.


Medical plastic oxygen masks

Medical plastic oxygen masks are used primarily by medical care suppliers for oxygen remedy as a result of they’re disposable and so cut back cleansing prices and infection dangers.

Masks design can decide the accuracy of oxygen delivered with many alternative medical conditions requiring therapy with oxygen.

Oxygen is of course occurring in room air at 21% and better percentages are sometimes important in medical therapy. Oxygen in these larger percentages is assessed as a drug with an excessive amount of oxygen is probably dangerous to an affected person‘s well being, leading to oxygen dependence over time, and in excessive circumstances affected person blindness

Silicone and rubber masks

Silicone and rubber oxygen masks are heavier than plastic masks.

They’re designed to supply a great seal for long-duration use by aviators, medical analysis topics, and the hyperbaric chamber, and different sufferers who require administration of pure oxygen, comparable to carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression illness victims.

Dr. Arthur H. Bulbulian pioneered the primary trendy viable oxygen masks, worn by World Warfare II pilots and utilized by hospitals. Valves inside these tight-fitting masks management the move of gases into and out of the masks, in order that rebreathing of exhaled fuel is minimized.


The stethoscope is an acoustic medical system for auscultation, or listening to inside sounds of an animal or human physique. It usually has a small disc-shaped resonator that’s positioned in opposition to the pores and skin and one or two tubes linked to 2 earpieces.

A stethoscope can be utilized to take heed to the sounds made by the center, lungs, or intestines, in addition to blood move in arteries and veins. Together with a guide sphygmomanometer, it’s generally used when measuring blood stress.

Much less generally, “mechanic’s stethoscopes”, geared up with rod-shaped chest items, are used to take heed to inside sounds made by machines (for instance, sounds and vibrations emitted by worn ball bearings), comparable to diagnosing a malfunctioning vehicle engine by listening to the sounds of its inside elements. Stethoscopes may also be used to verify scientific vacuum chambers for leaks and for varied different small-scale acoustic monitoring duties.

A stethoscope that intensifies auscultatory sounds known as a phonendoscope.

Tongue depressor

A tongue depressor (generally known asspatula) is an instrument utilized in medical applications to depress the tongue to permit examination of the mouth and throat. The most typical trendy tongue depressors are flat, skinny, picket blades, smoothed and rounded at each ends, however, traditionally, tongue depressors have been made from a wide range of supplies.

Since they’re cheap and tough to scrub due to their porous texture, picket tongue depressors are labeled for disposal after a single utilization.

A tongue depressor could also be inserted over the tongue to facilitate the insertion of an oral airway and stop downfolding of the tongue, which may impair venous and lymphatic drainage, inflicting tongue swelling and airway obstruction.

Hobbyists and lecturers have discovered a large number of makes use of for tongue depressors (generally known as “craft sticks”, “popsicle sticks”, or “icy pole sticks”) of their initiatives

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