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All the love, care, and education provided by the parents to their child is what is termed as childcare. The two major purposes of childcare are care and education. It is a skill to look after children by a parent, nannies, babysitter and teacher.

The main focus of childcare is the development of the mental, physical, or physiological of a child. Quality of childcare at a very young age can be useful for the success of the child.

Why Is Childcare Important?

The economic condition of the family will decide how the family will take care of their child. Mostly the mother are will look after the child which is important for childcare. In many situations, the father also provides childcare by providing food, clothes, and shelter.

Many times due to economic condition a single mother has to go to work outside the home due to which the child lack love and the care is looking for the relationship or the bond between mother and a child is the week it also influence the future and success of that child.

Many countries like Britain, Brazil, Russia, etc have a centralized pattern and provide universal support.

Available Childcare

Childcare can be provided in three locations first care in the child home by parents, relatives, and non-relatives second outside the home by relatives and non-relatives and third centered base care. There is variation between these categories like time available for care, cost, and quality of care, how professional is a caregiver, and most important the understanding and the relationship between caregiver and the parents.

Relatives mostly grandparents best childcare which can range from occasional to full time when parents are employed. Generally, the relationship between the relatives and child is strong as the relative have past and anticipated future relationship with the family.

The option of relative as the childcare is only because of the limited option or due to financial issues. Children in the age group of 5 yrs or below also get care in other homes called the family daycare or the home children which involves six or fewer children in a private home that are licensed and regulated by the state but many are not licensed.

For caring for the child, this daycare takes fees from the parents until they are relative.

Selection Of Childcare

Selection of the childcare is very important and critical for the parents because it requires their time, investment, and energy. They have to find the time and day of the week and for how many hours daycare is needed.

It is easy to find daycare during weekdays but difficult to find at weekends and night time. Child age is also an important factor for the care because it is found to care for preschoolers than infants and toddlers.

With these scenarios parents make arrangements but most of the parents learn childcare from relatives, co-workers, friends. Most of the parents make to have backup in case regular is not available or the child is sick.

Availability, Cost, And Quality Of Childcare

Child care can be as expensive as that of food, housing, and a significant portion of the family income for low-income families. Sometimes these family though find good childcare which is subsidized by the government but they are limited.

The amount of money spend depends on how the family is planning to provide child care such as the higher income family can spend their income for good child care and moderate families they have to find the different daycare of their budget.

The cost of daycare varies on the type of care used such as for the home care provided like many is the most expensive one, family and daycare are the moderate ones and care provided by the relatives are least expensive.

It is very important to have the quality of the childcare when the child is away from the home for so long. The easiest way to find the quality in childcare is to see the caregiver to child ratio, group size, caregiver education and training, and the size of the program.

Different Types of Child Care

Mother’s Helper

Mother helper is the young(around junior high are) childcare who entertain and look after the child when are still at home. They are paid a few dollars or so for an hour as they lack the experience like the babysitter.

The best to find mother helper is to ask another mother in social circle who know preteens.


Aa individual hired for taking care of the children. They look after the child in the day or night whether is at their place or child place the duty depends on the hour they are asked to babysit the child.

It is a part-time job in which the main work is to. take care of the child, cook food, naps for bedtime, or assisting with homework. The pay rate depends on the number of children, location, and the age of the babysitter.

Daycare Center

Daycare center provides child care by hour-hour basis or mostly full day and a half. The responsibility of the daycare is to provide food, nap for the child, and outing if required. It also provides an opportunity for social development with other children.

They are paid on a monthly basis based on the location, time, and the service they provide. Parents should consult other parents or search engines to find out the best childcare for their children.

Relative Care

When someone within the family like aunt, grandparent, uncle look after the child is called relative care. It is the most trusted and cheapest way for childcare as a parent already knows about the person who is taking care of the child in their presence or absence.

Sometimes it is difficult also for parents as they find it difficult to communicate with relatives. Some family members may do childcare for free but it is recommended to discuss payment or compensation for their efforts.

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