Ringworm treatment for humans

It is just a skin disorder without any internal complications but it’s too hard to live with itching, burning sensation, or any other irritation in your private regions. It is a skin disease which is also known as DERMATOPHYTOSIS and is caused by a fungus. Nearly 40 types of fungus cause these but most common...
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thyroid weight loss

Thyroid Weight Loss Diet

We often listen to people that the following person is suffering from Thyroid and that’s why is getting fat day by day. But wait do you know what is Thyroid? Do you know Thyroid disorder can not only make you Fat it can also make you thin as straw? In this post, we have discussed...
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pneumonic plague

Pneumonic Plague Treatment

A serious bacterial disease that can be very dangerous and deadly also referred to as the “black plague”. Bacteria as found in almost every animal throughout the world and transmitted to humans through fleas. Plague pneumonic is a deadly disease and its treatment described in the article in detail. The major risk area for plague...
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Migraine Triggers

Migraine in simple words is an unbearable pain in one side of the head which is so painful so that you cannot think of anything when you are under it’s attack. In medical terms it is a neurovascular disorder characterized by pulsatile unilateral headache, which comes in attacks lasting 4–48 hours and is often associated with...
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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The major cause of cancer is when the cells start to grow out of control and the same things when happen in the breasts of women it causes breast cancer the kind of breast cancer depends on the cells which grow abnormally. Symptoms of breast cancer are visible once the lumps are easily visible on...
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Worldwide, TB is one of the top 10 causes of death and the leading cause of a single infectious agent ( according to WHO). It is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It is preventable and a completely curable disease. People with poor immunity are susceptible to this.  Common in two extremities of one’s...
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liver disease

Early Symptoms of Liver Disease

The liver is an associated organ regarding the scale of soccer. It sits slightly below your skeletal structure on the correct facet of your abdomen. The liver is crucial for digesting food and ridding your body of noxious substances. Here Mera Family Doctor will describe the liver disease and various questions regarding it. Liver disease...
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Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s Disease Prevention and Treatment

What is Crohn’s disease? Crohn’s disease is an Affiliate in Nursing inflammatory inside organ illness (IBD). It causes irritation of your duct, which can trigger belly ache, extreme signs, fatigue, weight reduction, and deficiency illness. The irritation brought on by Crohn’s will contain utterly totally different areas of the duct in a number of of us. The...
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What is Encephalitis

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain tissue. The foremost common cause is microorganism infections. In rare cases, it is often caused by microorganisms or maybe fungi. There are 2 main varieties of encephalitis: Primary and Secondary. Primary Encephalitis happens once a virulent disease directly infects the brain and medulla spinalis. Secondary Encephalitis happens once...
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X syndrome

Triple X syndrome and Its Causes

Triple X additionally referred to as chromosomal anomaly X and forty-seven, XXX, could be a genetic condition that happens once a lady receives 3 X chromosomes from her folks. Typically, women solely receive 2 X chromosomes. The additional X-chromosome will don’t have any impact on a girl’s health, or it will cause physical and mental...
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