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Ashwagandha is a small ayurvedic evergreen shrub. Its scientific name is Withania somnifera. It grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa.


From the decades it is found that the roots, leaves, and fruits of the Ashwagandha plant have been used in medicinal purposes around the world.

It is found that the roots of Ashwagandha have been used to treat:

  • Skin Conditions
  • Stress
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • snake bites
  • Memory loss
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • nervous breakdowns
  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia

Benefits of Using Ashwagandha

In Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha is considered a Rasayana. That means it’s a herb that helps in maintaining youth, both mentally and physically.

The roots and berries of the Ashwagandha plant are used to make medicine.

Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen which means that it is believed to help your body manage stress more effectively whether physical, chemical, or biological. Many Research has also shown that it reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone that your adrenal glands produce in response to stress.

Mineral dense Ashwagandha enhances communication within the complex endocrine system which helps in strengthening the adrenal glands, reducing cortisol, and increasing the production of blood.

Ashwagandha also helps in increasing the blood flow. It helps in regulating the hormones which has a positive effect on libido and menstrual health and can also aid infertility.

Drawbacks of Using Ashwagandha

In some research, it is found that Ashwagandha may lower blood sugar levels. If some patients are taking medication to lower blood glucose then taking Ashwagandha could make their levels go dangerously low.

And if their levels go too low and their blood sugars bottom out then it can be deadly. The consequences of low blood glucose can be just as dangerous as high blood sugar.

Moreover, it is advised to Women to not take Ashwagandha during pregnancy as it may early delivery of the child.

So it is better to take proper care while using Ashwagandha for medicinal purposes.


Ashwagandha and other Ayurvedic medicines are still somewhat a mystery for the Modern Medical Science. There is deep and proper research and only a few of the test has been done on the labs and that too only on animals and there were some flaws found in the test. For these reasons, the doctors and researches are not certain about how effective Ayurvedic medicine and treatment are. But they cannot ignore the benefits as well after looking over the benefits on some patients after taking the Ayurvedic medicines for some time.

It should be kept in mind that you should not replace any medical treatments recommended by your doctor with Ashwagandha. If you are thinking of using Ashwagandha as a part of your treatment plan then you must discuss it with your doctor first.

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