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C.F.S Hahnemann coined the name allopathy in the year 1842. He believed in the concept that disease can be treated with drugs in minute doses. It is defined as the system of practice that deals with or treat the disease on the symptoms caused by that disease. It is also termed as modern medicine or science-based modern medicine. The term “allopathy” is a combination of 2 words “allos” meaning opposite and pathos meaning “to suffer”. Other names of allopathic medicines are as follows:

  • Conventional medicine
  • Mainstream medicine
  • Western medicine
  • Orthodox medicine
  • Biomedicine

CAM which is complementary and alternative medicine is another approach to medicine such as

  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Chinese medicine
  • Ayurveda

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professional uses allopathy to treat different kind of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, heart-related issues, etc.

Preventative care in Allopathic Medicine

Modern-day allopathy medicine is different then what we have in earlier 1800 now allopathy is not only used to treat the disease nut also help to prevent the disease through vaccination. Preventative care in allopathic medicine includes:

Vaccination: Vaccination is used to prevent life-threatening diseases like polio, Hepatitis B in children and adults.

Prophylactic Antibiotics: It is used to prevent a person from any kind of infection after surgery, deep cut, wound.

Blood Pressure Medication: It is used to prevent heart-related issues like heart attack, stroke.

Allopathic vs Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathy is a type of health care that treats patients with the medical condition required as well as the massage of muscles, bones, and joints. Osteopaths have to pass the same national board exams that all physician do also goes through all training same as that of a physician. Osteopaths are generally do not consider as the physicians. The only difference is that of title. Osteopaths have DO as their title instead of MD. One cannot find any difference in the MD surgeon and DO surgeon in fact DO recommends some complementary treatments along with standard medication.

Allopathic vs Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a complementary medical approach which is often added to the mainstream medicine. Homeo means like or similar and it is opposite of the allopathy medicine. Homeopathy medicine is based on two theories:

Law of Minimum Dose: It belive in medication with lower doses has a higher effect than that of higher doses.

Like Curse Like: In means, people are treated with substances that cause symptoms in healthy people during the illness and disease.

Homeopathy medicines are made of natural substances such as plan and minerals and the practitioners are not licensed, medical doctors. Homeopathy treatment is time-taking and need patience from the person in order to get cured. Homeopathy medicine doesn’t have any kind of side effects as they are made from natural substances like:

  • Arnica
  • Belladonna
  • Marigold
  • Lead
  • Lavender
  • Phosphoric acid

Allopathic vs Ayurvedic Medicine

In allopathy medication, the doctor is concerned about the symptoms of the patient that he or she is going through and provide medicine for that without knowing the root cause of it. Whereas Ayurveda is based on the five-element theory(Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu, and Akash) which says all these elements should be in harmony.

When we talk of side effects allopathy has its own chain of side effects which it’s one of the major drawbacks. Each medicine provided by the doctor has its own side effect and for removing that we take another which has its own and the cycle goes on. Whereas Ayurveda cannot cause us trouble as they are made up of natural herbs and ingredients but if not used properly it can cause adverse effects.

Drawbacks of Allopathy

It focuses on the half, not complete health

Allopathy can solely treat an area and illness rather than eradicating the roots inflicting identical. So, it’s not a holistic approach to treat one thing within the best method. The illness may seem once more, resulting in expenses of each cash and time.

Allopathic medicines might destroy the great microorganism

Allopathic medicines might react with different medicines and end in adverse effects reducing the effectiveness of different treatments. They kill the traditional defense microorganism that resides within the body which can permit the unhealthy microorganisms to grow.

Pop a pill approach

Doctors don’t receive abundant data relating to your nutrition or healthy living. they’ll offer a bit of suggestion regarding diet and exercise, however not regarding the key modus vivendi changes. medical care rather suggests pop a pill just in case of any emergency or disorder while not medical intervention rather than slow growth it out fully.

Drugs don’t cure, they suppress:

Drugs and medicines instructed by medical care don’t cure the illness that’s inflicting the matter, instead, it suppresses the results for a few times or modifications the method the body functions. long-run use of allopathic medicine may end in some chronic hidden side-effects which could prove to be serious anon.


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