July 2, 2020
angina treatment

Angina Treatment and Causes of Angina

Angina is the chest pain that occurs when there is not enough blood going into your heart it is quite similar to a heart attack with squeezing of your chest. Angina treatment and its cause are described below in detail. It’s a sign of heart disease and happens when arteries are blocked by something or...
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Stent in Heart

Stent To Treat Heart Disease

Stents are small tube that expands the narrowed arteries in the body. The function they perform is opening the narrowed arteries, reduce the chest pain, help to treat a heart attack. They are also referred to as cardiac stents or coronary stents. These are usually made of metal mesh and put into the arteries the...
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coronary heart disease

How to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) the term describes a condition where coronary arteries are blocked or interrupted by fatty substances. Over time, our arteries can filled with fatty deposits this process known as atherosclerosis, and fatty deposits called atheroma. (coronary artery disease) Partially blocked coronary arteries can cause chest pain(Angina) and completely blocked coronary arteries causes...
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PCOS Sing and Symptoms

PCOS Signs And Symptoms

“Hey Cyster! I can understand PCOD means feeling tired all the day no matter how much you sleep.You have to deal with hormones , mood swings.  Trying everything you know to lose weight and weight doesn’t shift an inch. It’s the SHIT! One of the very common painful problem faced by girls , ladies in...
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