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Keeping body fit and strong is not that easy task. Keeping us fit and strong require healthy foods and workouts. Below are a few points to carry out daily to keep the body fit and strong:

Eat Same food

Eating the different types of food may lead to overeating which will indirectly cause overweight or bad health issues. Eating the same amount of food daily will help to know the actual portion size and less likely to eat junk.

Eat at home

Eating at home is the best way to keep one healthy. Eating at home will limit the menu and the portion size and homemade food are less oily and contains lets fats compares to the junk foods. Eating out is preferable for the occasion not for daily life.

Eat plenty of protein

Protein is one of the essential items in the food one should aim for the 1g protein per pound and it should be spread out in 6 small meals. Proteins from the animal source can cause kidney stones one should look for that also.

Drink Plenty Water

Always keep the body hydrated which is essential to getting lean. During and after exercise drinking water increases performance by 25%.

Check Posture

Sitting at the computer all-day may bring muscle imbalance and poor alignment. One should stand after an hour to stretch or move little to stretch muscles. Resting the body in an hour is essential to live lean.

Eat Small Meals

Eating 5 to 6 times small meals will keep you energetic and keep metabolism firing. If we do not eat for a long time then the body will start losing fats and in result, turn to lean muscles as the body will consume muscles not fat.

Get Enough Sleep

When we are asleep our skin is in repair mode and many hormones are released such as growth hormones and testosterone. When we get enough sleep one will feel relaxed and the brain will work properly. Improper or less sleep will lead to many health-related issues and Without adequate sleep, you’re sabotaging your efforts to live lean.


Yoga is a systematic practice of exercise, relaxation, breath control meditation to achieve harmony and peace in the body. By doing yoga can benefit the body in many ways such as

    • Improves Flexibility: The most obvious and most effective benefit of yoga is the improvement of flexibility. In the early days of yoga, one may not be able to touch the toes but as doing practice one will surely able to do that if we stick to that.
    • Increase Muscles strength: Yoga helps to develop strong muscles in the body. Strong muscles also protect us to prevent from back pain and arthritis.
    • Increase blood flow: Yoga helps to get the blood flowing specifically the exercises help us the blood flowing in hands and feet. Yoga also helps to get more oxygen to the cells. Poses like Headstand and Shoulderstand helps to flow the blood from legs to pelvis and then back to the heart.

Drink Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium and it is not only for kids adults should also drink 2 glass of milk to provide the calcium supply. As we grow old our bones become weak so milk can help in that.

Limit Intake of Soft Drinks

Soft drink contains caffeine and carbonic drinks and some of them contain phosphorus and citric acid as well which will cause burning of the liver if taken empty stomach. Soft drinks are also rich in calories which will increase the body weight.

Pray to God Daily

It has been proven scientifically that praying to God daily will provide a positive effect on life and soul. One should start and end by praying to GOD.



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